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“Get Up”

Scripture: Psalm 23; Acts 9: 36-41
Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church, Asheville, NC
May 12, 2019

And I believe it’s never been more urgent for us to make space for the truth that mothering reveals in such clear relief, the truth given to us by our great mother—by the mothering forces of the universe, the power of birthing, the potency of living at that threshold between life and death—because that is where we all are—birthing and being birthed, tasting death and being told to get up, to rise up, to wise up, to wake up—to find a way to make and keep life, to tend to the living and to the dead.

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Sports Reform

Sports are a mirror for us to see ourselves and some of the most pressing issues of our time. Marcia visits campuses, congregations, and community contexts to unpack how race, gender, higher education, and religion impact sports and American society. Marcia and John, advocates for sports justice and players rights, also speak and facilitate conversations on the need for reform in revenue sports today.

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Marcia works with communities who are exploring race and power with an eye toward transformation and healing. She also facilitates and consults in academic, ecclesial, and community contexts on difficult issues like sexual violence, religious difference, abuse of power, gender, and embodiment.

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Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is an opportunity to explore your life from a spiritual/theological perspective. Sacred attentiveness to the way God is at work in your struggles and your hopes and dreams defines this practice. Spiritual Direction is distinctive from other forms of counseling and therapy in its focused attentiveness to spiritual questions in an environment of sacred listening and noticing.

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Healing is the heart of the work that I do.

Pastoring, spiritual direction, writing, preaching, teaching, facilitating and consulting, leading retreats, and advocacy shape my vocation both inside and beyond the church and academy.

I am glad you found your way here. I look forward to hearing from you.