Peace-ing Together:  Marcia works with institutions who are working to find more life-giving ways to build and be communities.  She works with academic and ecclesial institutions through a multi-layered approach that involves exploring new frameworks of thinking and seeing as well as new practices for being and connecting.  Her consulting work often centers around issues of power and healing, particularly in relationship to sexual violence, race and privilege, and cultural competency.  Pricing is generated in the proposal stage after conversation and collaboration with your institution.  

Learn more about one of Marcia’s consulting projects, the “In-Forming Communities of Healing” initiative at Vanderbilt Divinity School.

The Project: As member of the The Project Marcia facilitating and consulting with athletic departments, conferences, and athletes in university settings around some of the most pressing issues in college revenue athletics.  Increasing student-athlete well-being is the goal of The Project.  Over fifty academics, activists, former student-athletes, and parents of student-athletes make up The Project and help to form the teams that work with specific universities according to their particular needs. The Projects assets include scholars and consultants with a broad range of skill sets ranging from qualitative researchers to issue specific facilitators.  If you are interested in a consultative partnership with The Project, contact Marcia here or Dr. Emmett Gill, National Convener, through The Project’s website.