I Witness Guest Blogger Cheyanna Basham

If you look at the moon long enough you see sadness.

The moon mourns of what the worlds now becoming, all the demons called drugs taking the innocent people turning them into people they swore up and down they would never be and soon the demon will take their life…

letting their children and parents suffer…

leaving parents to take care of kids who weren’t meant to be theirs.

They love them and those who died watch over them and try so hard to keep them on the right track as they watch from above.

God understands what the demon has done to them and accepts them.

It’s the moon’s job to pass this on to those angels, the moon is like their spy.

That’s why the moon is so sad because now a days everybody is getting used by those demons …

and there is nothing that can stop them but the real them who tries to fight it, who wants out and to be there for their children and parents…

so what I’m trying to say is if that demon gets a hold of you fight till you’ve won, don’t let it win.

Make the once very wise old happy moon, now sad, happy once again.


“I Witness” Guest Blogger, Cheyanna Basham, just turned 14 years old and lives in Louisville, KY.  

I met her at the National Multicultural Conference in Charlotte at the end of April.  She told me that she likes to write and I asked her to share some of her writing with me.  This post is something she wrote just recently, after the conference.  

When I asked her for her bio, she wrote: “I like neon colors and being happy and I like making people happy and I love singing and drawing.”

Thank you, Cheyanna, for sharing the gift of your writing here and for being an “I Witness.”

4 thoughts on “I Witness Guest Blogger Cheyanna Basham”

  1. Kate Sloan says:

    Cheyanna – thanks so much for being an IWitness guest blogger. You are incredibly gifted and I know first hand after meeting you at the conference here in Charlotte that you are incredibly awesome!
    You really shared some powerful stuff. Keep on writing, it’s a great way to help sort out all the craziness that goes on in the world. You’ve made the very wise old moon, very happy. God is shining brightly on you Cheyanna, brightly indeed!

    1. Marcia says:

      Thank you for your comment, Kate. Amen to everything you said. Cheyanna’s writing is a gift to us all.

  2. Cheyanna Starrburst says:

    Kate ,
    Thanks for the comment there. It means slot, going to that conference was the best thing ever. I miss You guys a lot/: hope we can meet up again (: love ya’ll bunches

    Talk to you soon

    1. Marcia says:

      Thanks again for being a guest blogger. I’ve had several comments via facebook and email about your post, too. You really touched people with this piece. Keep writing!

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