Interview with Leslie Scanlon at The Presbyterian Outlook

I had a great conversation with Leslie Scanlon, a reporter for The Presbyterian Outlook, about corruption and redemption in sports. Click here for the interview.

3 thoughts on “Interview with Leslie Scanlon at The Presbyterian Outlook”

  1. NC says:

    I read your recent interview w/ Leslie Scanlon. Find it interesting, the comments you offer, “John makes lots of promises to the families he will look out for their son.” Why does anyone have to look out for a 18 y.o.? Once in college, it’s time one looks out for themselves. Did anyone look out for you when you went to college? Provide you with a coat? Is it not enough the young man is getting a free education, but for a parent/guardian to suggest the university provide him w/ a coat? You felt by not being permitted to offer this close support in your relationship this was a let down to the parents. How? Why couldn’t he wear team issued apparel?

    I have no intentions of buying your book. Don’t care to put a dime in your santimonous pocket.

    I find your offer of “peace,” patronizing. May “seem” sincere to offer to one person, but “seems” insincere to offer to everyone.

  2. John Shoop says:

    Dear nameless individual,
    My name is John Shoop and I’m Marcia’s husband. It’s 10:35 pm and I just left my office because I was sitting with a player who needed to talk. A close friend is on life support after attempting to take his own life and as I type this Marcia is talking with him, too. He’s a sophomore in college, but YES he needs someone to look out for him. I hope his parents are comforted by the promise that I made to do so.
    The greatest lesson football has taught me is that I’m NOT a free agent. I depend deeply on others. Thank goodness I had wonderful coaches in my life that cared for me into caring for others! These men that loved me into loving all that comes with being on a team. As I coach, I am a member of the team even though my job is different than the players. And as long as I’m on a team I’m going to be there for my teammates. That’s what my coaches taught me to be.

    1. Magaret T says:

      Dear John and Marcia,

      Thank you both for your continued commitment and support for all college athletes. You have both stood tall and strong for these athletes. As a parent myself, I am grateful for your dedication and commitment. There will always be those who speak against you. Know there are many more who stand with you. I am glad our paths crossed several years ago. Your truth and sincerity hold.

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