A Brush with What’s Most Beautiful

Pelicans dive bombing into fish full ocean
Sometimes one, sometimes four in tandem
Then the dorsal breach of a dolphin startles me
My heart leaps

You are here
Moving, showing yourself,
gliding from depths to surface with calm attentiveness
More fins, you are never alone.

Your pod and the flock linger
in this spot where I set up watch
First it was just me witnessing you all
and the rhythm of these moments

Then others stopped and turned
and set their sights to catch a glimpse
A glimmer of the mystery of a life
so fluid, so immediate to itself–
filled with legends of your affection
and protective impulse for us mortals.

You bring messages of wonder and comfort,
you draw us in to waitPair of Pacific Spinner Dolphins 2
and see what else you will show us–
what else our tiny wide eyes might see.

There is a vast universe beneath you that is your world–
for us it is the moment you breach
that seems like everything

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