Abide with me, fast falls the eventide

There are some beautiful things to behold
in darkness
velvety, deep, smooth darkness  iStock star trails
It is here, in the dark, that I find
the freedom to cry out
to a universe that
spins out into infinite possibilities
and hard realities
like leaving and flux
and excruciating kinds of
waiting and anticipation
there are voices here, there
in the night times
of life’s unfolding
bidding the coming of mornings that
slowly march into new days
unknowns, goodbyes, rear view mirrors
reflecting back what had been givenness
now fleeting, now past
I abide in this vortex
with you, sisters and brothers of
deep living darkness
cousins and neighbors of goodbyes
and thank yous
and until we meet agains
I float in this black ocean womb
and living into, out of ALL
yes ALL-from millipedes to multitudes
and tiny little moments that
stick, hitch on for the ride
of fast flowing eventides
ticking clocks sing a strange
discrete second, by second, by second
when really, my friends, the sound
of time passing is more
like silence that I find
at night, home, alone
though not alone at all
it is a thick nectar, a
bitter swallowing sweet
flowing…. yes
to life, its change, its
pulse, its soft hard rhythm
and mine, yours, ours
this eventide
will go down in
herstory as
a swimming, floating, grieving
fleeting re-membering
of life gathering up itself
to move and to surrender
to a truth I must trust
that holding on folds in
to letting go
and believing
that in flowing, fleeting
moments life knits itself
through into cosmic embrace
and gentle washes
abrupt, startling familiar
new/old vibrations
that kindle belief in what might be dawning
and what has been precious
and will always be food
for souls hungry from
all our walking, wondering, wandering ways
that bid us sometimes to rest
indeed, to abide
and be home
only to ascent
to a sun that rises and says,
now go
and mercy will come along

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