Are You There, Humanity? It’s Me, Marcia.

Are you there, humanity? It’s me, Marcia.*

We’ve tried talking before—the whole lot of us.  I am a theologian, after all. What in the world would I be doing if I weren’t trying to talk to all of humanity? I come from a particular context, and context does limit perspective. But, this time, I am actually really hoping you all can hear me out.

The truth is, I’ve been concerned about you, that’s all of us, for a while now. We can be such a self-destructive bunch!  It’s breaks my heart, and I know you probably feel it, too.  War, violence, hatred, abuse of power, greed, and self-loathing—the list goes on and on. We hurt each other and we hurt ourselves way too much. It’s a story as old as time. And it’s our story.


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