Blood Moon 11-8-22

Earth shadow cast
slow over round
edges seeming to
cover your glow

Gravity has taught
me illusion that
you come and go

Although it is my
ground, my place
that turns unceasingly
moving at just the
cadence of stillness.

Somewhere deep inside
I am always in and
out of some stage
of eclipse. Cervix
dilating, spirit
undulating, equanimity
waning, waxing like you.

I watch you change
dark edges turning
grey then umberry

The sun filtered through
earth reflected on moon

I do not see blood
but feel alignment
moons and swoons
and mystery and
hysteria. Luna mother
sister, an organ of
my inner/outer.

We see, we saw
fleeting washes of awe
be here, be now
be you, be mine
our dance
between shadow
and shine.

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