Poetry Month 2023 Poem-A-Day Post #22: “Rain”

April is #NationalPoetryMonth and I am posting a Poem-A-Day. In honor of the rain fall today and in honor of the powerful rhythms of the earth ways of being, this is a poem I wrote last summer during a silent retreat at a lake during my sabbatical.


Rain falling
on a screened porch
Echoes of rain forests,
deep mountain passageways,
and places untouched by humans,
all drinking in the storm. 

Sleep inducing
falling water
from the sky
heavy then light
steady then fading,
even forlorn. 

and humid thunder
distant flashes of lightning
and all stand down until
she passes on. 

Intimate washes
of an afternoon
soaked in still.
Far off rumble fades,
moment washed, gone. 

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