Feminism and Football

Football Close UpI am a quarterly blogger on the Feminism and Religion website.  My post up this week is on how race and privilege affected the NCAA investigation of the football program at University of North Carolina.  If you enjoyed the Calling Audibles series, you will want to check out this post.  If you are interested in issues of white privilege and race, you will want to read it, too.  And if you are just curious about how in the world feminism and football could possibly have anything to say to each other, then I hope you’ll read on and let me know what you think.

“How did race and privilege affect the NCAA investigation of the football program at University of North Carolina?”

This was the question a student posed to me recently when I gave a Skype lecture to a Sports Ethics class at the University of Washington’s Center for Leadership in Athletics

I am going to take a wild guess (and I may be wrong), and assume that most readers of the FAR blog don’t know much about the NCAA investigation of the UNC football program.   I have outed myself on this blog before—I am more than just a feminist theologian; I am also a football coach’s wife.  Lots of people wonder how I manage to pull that off and still look at myself in the mirror.  That’s a complicated question.  I am finding that the challenges presented by our experience at UNC are creating more and more space for the feminist and the coach’s wife to find a common purpose.  Which brings us back to the question at hand—race and privilege and how it played into the football investigation at UNC.

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