Sermon “Freedom Sings” at Chapel in the Pines, Chapel Hill, NC

It was great to be in Chapel Hill over the weekend and preach at Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church.  Audio Link to Sermon

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The Power of Love–Latest Feminism and Religion Post

Love does not create powerful empires or concentrations of wealth or military might. Love is not what fuels the tanks of commerce or political clout or financial success. Many would say that love slows things down, mires us in complication. Love is not the way the successful and the effective move–it’s not fast enough, it’s not ruthless enough, it’s not excellent enough.

It’s no coincidence that women have often been seen as the carriers of love–the mothers of how we are loved and how we wish to be loved. The domain of women has been traditionally seen as “behind the scenes.” Women are the nurturers, the familiar narrative goes. Women are the ones who provide a soft landing after a hard day, an understanding ear for all the stresses of the world “out there.”

The extended narrative is that women will have to become masculinized to “play the game” of public life. Women will have to learn to be “like men” in order to compete, in order to win, in order to make an impact. Underneath these narratives of nurture and impact are the contours of power in patriarchy. Imprinting women with the responsibility to love in a context where love is secondary or even tertiary to things like aggression and competition, means women will often relegate themselves to the margins of public power. Not because we think we should be powerless, but because that’s where we often feel the most at home. And sometimes ceding public power can feel like the price women pay to truly love–to love ourselves, to love who we love, and to love the world around us. The contours of power in patriarchy can distort not just women’s lives, but everyone’s lives in ways that carry the weight of this distortion of love. (read full post)

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Universities and the Young Minds They Tend–WBAA Community Voices

The NFL’s approach to concussions may not be a surprise to many who know how big businesses work. But we expect better from our institutions of higher learning. My first official contribution to the WBAA (West Layette’s NPR station) Community Voices Project explores the differences and similarities in approach.  Click here to go to full post and audio.

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Connect 3 Women’s Retreat

Taking time to catch our breath, catch up with ourselves, reconnect with sacred quiet and beloved community, and regenerate our deep connection to God are things every day life can sometimes push aside. The Connect 3 Women’s Retreat creates space for all of these practices and more.

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Going Deep: Sports in the 21st Century

John and I have a new podcast, Going Deep: Sports in the 21st Century.  I hope you’ll check it out! You can subscribe on iTunes or Sound Cloud Find out more here.

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Eternity Now!

Below is the a sermon on Isaiah 55:1-9 and Luke 13: 1-9 at First Presbyterian Church in Libertyville, IL on February 28, 2016.  A podcast of the sermon can be found here. ~~~ The last time I preached in this pulpit was Mother’s Day, 2004. I was about to pop I was so pregnant. And, as many of you know, the pregnancy had been LOOOONGGG—not a blissful experience to say the least. Brian Paulson had just arrived in Libertyville a few weeks prior to my family’s move to Tampa, Florida. He and I hadn’t really had much time to get … Read the full post

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Deep and Wide Mid-Week Worship Service

Deep and Wide is a mid-week worship service of song, silence, and sacrament. 6:00pm Wednesdays during Lent Bethany Presbyterian Church 3305 Longlois Drive Lafayette, IN 47904 Come and encounter a sacred space of centering music, generous silence, and shared sacrament. All are welcome.

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Being Dust: Ash Wednesday’s Gift

By the sweat of your face you shall eat bread until you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken; you are dust, and to dust you shall return. ~Genesis 3:19 Ash Wednesday is a tough gig. Reminding people they are dirt isn’t the best marketing strategy in a society who would like to forget our troubles.  And troubles we have. It’s not like we need more to feel crappy about right now. Just the Monday morning post-Super Bowl vitriol that people spew towards the players, entertainers, coaches, commercials, or gambling decisions that let them down or … Read the full post

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Blindness, Lethargy, and White Supremacy–New FAR Blog Post

With Black History Month fast approaching, it is fitting to investigate the latest call to get rid of it. This investigation may seem futile to some feminists/womanists since we know denials of racism are part of life in white supremacy patriarchy. As a feminist theologian, however, I’ve got nothing in my tool kit if I lose my hope for redemption and transformation. The following is my attempt to not give up on the possibility that white supremacy culture can be dismantled. White patriarchy has all kinds of messengers of its narrative—not just white men of privilege, but anyone who has … Read the full post

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Concussions and Sports Justice

Sunday 3/20 4:30pm
The Lafayette Theater

A screening of the powerful documentary “The Business of Amateurs” created and produced by former University of Southern California football player, Bob DeMars.


The movie will be followed by a panel discussion with Bob DeMars and other tireless advocates of sports reform: two Purdue University Engineers from the Purdue Neuro Trauma Group doing cutting-edge concussions research, an attorney and former NC Supreme Court Justice who advocates for players rights all over the country, a social worker who has dedicated her work to the well-being of athletes, and a high school football coach who is committed to making the game safer for athletes. IMG_3828

Hear from some of our panelists before the event! Listen to podcasts full of information you won’t hear in media coverage about concussions and the urgent need for change in how we understand them and treat them on Going Deep: Sports in the 21st Century.

If you can’t join us, but want to support the event, please visit our gofundme site. Even the smallest amount of support can help us make this event happen and be free and open to the public.

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